New Businesses


In 2015, Pastor Cox told the church that he believed God was saying that there were brethren in Luton that needed to start their businesses. He believed that some had had this dream for some time but were afraid to start.

He also stated that the businesses would be a blessing to the town and some of the brethren will become employers and employ members from the church and the community.

We thank God for the businesses that have started and those yet to come! May they flourish, thrive and be a tremendous blessing.


I Am Enough Productions


Whoever you are, whatever you look like, you matter and you deserve to be seen!
I Am Enough Productions was born out of the distinct lack of representation that I found in the retail market. This was the same during my childhood, and whilst some changes have been made in the decades between my childhood and that of my daughters, significant enough strides have not really taken place. My husband and I were always able to find other ethnicities represented on bags, t-shirts lunch boxes or even notebooks, but never anything that looked like our daughter. We wanted her to look around and see positive representations of herself and people that looked like her. However, no matter where we looked, we struggled to find a British based company that was producing what we needed. As such, in 2019 we created our business with the goal of printing amazing Black Artwork on wonderful products, such as backpacks, pencil cases, lunch bags, notebooks, journals and diaries. 

We want every child to be able to access products that encourage them to shine, to be amazing and to dream big. All products have inspirational quotes and these are key to our brand as we want to encourage children in our community to excel.
In a world that sometimes makes us question and feel ashamed of our blackness or our “otherness”, we want to remind children of black and mixed heritage backgrounds that everything about them is “enough”, that they are unique in every way and are perfect. Their hair, their curves, their kinks and their shade. We desire to normalise representations of black and duel heritage people so that people of any background will purchase one of our products without it having to be for someone of colour. For us, true integration is about everyone being accepted in equal measure and being able to access these types of products within the mainstream marketplace.

I Am Enough seeks to make it possible for every child and family no matter where they live, whether in a big city or the smallest town, to get easy access to positive representation on items that they will use every day. It is hard for black communities outside of major cities to gain access to culturally appropriate items and, they can sometimes feel isolated from the wider black community and unable to access products that positivity represents them and their background.
Having experienced this ourselves my husband, my daughter and I now work together to provide quality items and outstanding customer service. We go above and beyond to connect with our customers and make sure that their custom is recognised and appreciated.
In our efforts to support our wider community we have also partnered with young and upcoming black and ethnic minority artist to design new images for the company.
























Carla's Hair Care



Carla’s Hair Care has been around for more than 9 years and we’ve been specializing in hair products and accessories. Carla has been an experienced hairdresser for over 30 years.
We are now becoming stronger than ever. We offer Hair & Beauty products, Quality Wigs, Handbags and Accessories, we specialise in Weaves, Perms, Bonding, Wig Installations and much more.
Located at 253 High Road, Willesden, NW10 2 RX / Phone 07956173950 / Call or WhatsApp

Secret Angels

Secret Angels PA Services is a demand lead service. It is bespoke and tailored to your individual needs. We take a holistic approach to help, guide and support you throughout your life and meet the demands set by you.

We were founded to create a flexible adaptable service of personal assistants that not only support people with their daily needs and struggles, but to also give our clients the tools and the empowerment to live their lives independently and to help them achieve the mindset that allows them to believe they capable of achieving anything they set their mind too.

Our bespoke support caters to variety of needs thus providing a variety of services:

Personalisation – where we support clients in their home, escort them to their appointments, their daily living, correspondences, manage direct payments etc.

Consultancy – where we deal with safeguarding meeting, advocacy, advice and guidance, application forms and needs of that nature. We also support and manage start-up businesses, giving them mentorship and setting up a business plan for them.

Preparing for Adulthood and Young Care Leaver – where we support young people transiting from care and build a life of their own with mentorship and guidance.

We offer cleaning services also.

We support our clients through companionship, therapy and mentoring. We ensure our holistic approach is catered to them as an individual, so they can benefit from our service in its entirety.

Website: Telephone: +44 (0)1582 563 064 Email:

Office: SecretANGELS PA Services Ltd, Kathleen Connolly House, 102 Hitchin Road, Luton, LU2 0ES.

Company No. 11543181


MMAS Foundation




Maddison Mckenzie Agama Spencer Foundation (MMAS Foundation Ltd) is a not for profit organisation that was founded in 2006. Our mission is to help disadvantaged people improve their lives and the lives of others. We consist of a support network of skilled and experienced professionals that work closely with them to not only inspire them to aspire to expand their visions and their goals but also to believe in them, so they believe in themselves.

We provide a variety of services, funded by donations, such as;

Young Entrepreneur Mentoring Service - MMAS educational programmes are aimed at young people of all ages and diverse backgrounds. Here they will learn to understand money management, to develop key employability skills and to develop career intentions.

Disadvantaged Persons Development Project - We know that parents have hopes, dreams and aspirations for their children, including those who are parents of children with learning disabilities. Too often parents are told of the limitations, struggles and barriers their children will face, at MMAS we work to break those down looking at the person as an individual to ensure that they know they can achieve anything they set their mind to. We motivate and uplift them so that they can have the best opportunity in life.

Football Development Centre – Where we empower children between the ages of 6 - 16 through supplementary training and sports. All sessions are ‘player centred’ and revolves around their technical skills in a game-based scenario. We focus on the enjoyment of the sport, developing our children’s social skills and overall personal development.

MMAS Foundation not only aids those within the United Kingdom, we aim to help many overseas also. We currently work in collaboration with The Albert Lucy Common Initiative Group where we collect donations of clothing, educational supplies, kitchen utensils and funding in order to support children who have unfortunately been made orphans as a result of the Cameroonian Civil War.

In addition to this with our sponsorship a PGCE student at Canterbury University has been able to take up an opportunity to support disadvantaged young people in St Vincent and the Grenadines to help them improve their reading and writing skills.

We at the Maddison Mckenzie Agama Spencer Foundation aim to provide hope for those who need it most and we are so grateful for those who donate and continue to donate allowing us to help us help those in need.

Website: Telephone: +44 (0)1582 563 064 Email:
Office: MMAS Foundation Ltd, Kathleen Connolly House, 102 Hitchin Road, Luton, LU2 0ES.
Company No. 11689021

Mojo's Catering







Mojo’s Catering was founded in 2018 by Maureen Williams a passionate chef, who has been in the catering business for over 30 years. As a thriving establishing business, MoJo’s cater for a variety of events, from weddings and birthday parties to anniversaries and funerals. We also cater for seminars, business lunches and corporate events. 

Available every Friday and Saturday is a delivery service, giving you a taste of the Caribbean, cooked fresh from the finest ingredients, delivered straight to your door.  

Did somebody say Just Eat... yes we are available on Just Eat or you can call us directly. 

Check out the menu and updates on our website and Facebook page

Events With Class 




Events With Class was birthed with the strong desire in seeking to meet the needs through the various services we offer, with excellence, providing good strategies and resources while listening to our customers/clients needs


Events With Class offers a wide range of services providing the quality, excellence, professionalism and satisfaction and in the meanwhile, cost effective (with competitive prices).  In addition, through our corporate events/services, we believe in the development and hence, through conferences and life building events, assist to create a better well being in life